Unit testing in game development

Unit testing in game development

Using Godot Unit Test framework (GUT)


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So I released episode 3 of 10 this past Saturday. I’m learning as I go and with this release I’ve made some slight tweaks to the the marketing of the videos.

This video introduces the learner to using Test Driven Development to add features, in this case; simple player turn management.

Alterations made as a part of video three’s release

I scheduled the Video to go public on USA, Sat morning

I plan to do this going forward to give consistency to the release cycle. I’m also paring this with a scheduled tweet to announce the video.

I adapted the title format (and back ported to previous videos

Previous format was: Game dev intro with TicTacToe, Part 3, Unit testing with GUT

I realized no one really cares that this is about TicTacToe, this important part is that it is about an introduction to video game development in Godot

So, the new format is: Intro to Game Development in Godot, part 3, Unit testing with GUT

I’ve renamed all previously released videos in this format

Updated thumbnails

All the thumbs were looking quite similar without a distinction. I adjusted the series part label to call it out more. I think it is better, but still needs improvement. I’ll spend some more time on it this week.

Original thumb style

New style

This has been a great learning experience thus far. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more realizations by the time I get to video 10.