Intro to 2D game development with Godot

Intro to 2D game development with Godot

Programming a computer controlled opponent


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Making progress with the intro to game development with Godot series.

We are up to episode 6 of 10. In lesson 6, a simple computer opponent is developed in this evolving 2D Tic Tac Toe game. As with other lessons, we leverage the GUT testing framework to do some test driven development. This enables single player mode in addition to the current two player mode.

As with all lessons, you’ll find a link to the source code of the game at the state it is in for that lesson.

Episode 7 will be out in a couple of weeks (this is a nights and weekends thing for me). In that episode we add global game state persistence. Then in 8, 9, and finally 10, we improve the visual look and feel of the game and add soundFX and music.

I’m learning a lot in both using Godot and video editing for the lessons. Can’t wait to finish up this series and then start something new.